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Energy Efficiency Compliance

Energy Efficiency requirements in the National Building Code of Canada now apply to all new homes and commercial buildings in Saskatchewan.

BuildTECH is an experienced building code authority and we offer Energy Efficiency compliance services to get you through design, construction, and compliance verification.

Under Section 9.36 of the NBCC, an owner has two practical options for meeting the Energy Efficiency requirements and demonstrating compliance.

The Prescriptive Path provides a straightforward ‘recipe’ for meeting energy codes. Although not as flexible as the Performance Path, the Prescriptive Path may appeal to those looking for clear-cut, repeatable construction techniques. Allowance for ‘trade-offs’ under the prescriptive path allows for some flexibility and can benefit particular design situations as well.

The Performance Path allows for the greatest design flexibility and allows owners and designers to see what construction details, envelope factors, and mechanical decisions provide the most effective building techniques and specifications. Computer modelling, analysis, and reporting confirms the effectiveness of the design and demonstrates energy code compliance.

We can help with important energy code construction decisions at the design stage, and demonstrate compliance for the local authority at the permit stage.

Let BuildTECH help get you and your team there! Contact us today to find out which compliance path best fits your needs.

Find our Energy Efficiency Compliance Form here:
Energy Code Compliance – Zone 7A
Energy Efficiency Compliance Form – 7B & 8

NOTE: In Municipalities where BuildTECH Consulting & Inspections Inc. is the appointed Building Official and provides building code enforcement services, we cannot offer energy efficiency code compliance services.